Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Canada Carmaker's Visited Our Company Wonderful PCB Limited

Today is Friday; our Canada customer visited our factory. CANWAN is a big TV VA supplier at Canada , IRAN and Thailand. Wonderful PCB is the best PCB manufactory in China. Wonderful PCB with automated production and data networks -this is our forte. Specimen printed circuit board and mini-series in express service. Our overseas marketing office is located in Hong Kong mainly for overseas communications/contacts, engineering works handing orders and goods delivery/exports. Our company PCB products widely used in communication medical, industrial control household appliances, etc; the products are mainly exported to Europe and America. Southeast Asia and Asia.

At present, production capacity of Wonderful PCB reaches 15,000 M² / month with 400 operators. Wuhan new plant output over 30,000 M² / month estimate 600 operators.
Our environmental green boards produces single side, double side, multi-layers up to 14-layer on all series rigid board including high frequency board, BGA board and blind via board.

WDF managing new style of real capital employed Japanese quality team focus on quality supply chain. All our customers are long-term and continual development build begins from prototype to long term cooperation partnership.

Since develop from the past years, we are supplying green products measuring up to the standard of EU by Rosh and UL. WDF already certificated TS16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, SA8000 and Sony Green partner. Our PCB boards using on automotive, industrial, automation, aero plane to mature international business on U.S, Europe and Asia countries.

After years developing, WDF already being reliable green partner with stable annual growths of world famous brands like VW, Ford, Visteon, Sony, NEC and Delphi etc...

From continuous improvement strategies WDF established new advanced technology plant in Wuhan on 2013. WDF producing high quality, environmental friendly and stable lead time PCB boards definitely first choice of your ideal partner.
WDF Business Principle
We are production base aim to service our customer as a modern high technology company.
Intensive customer service is our base for entrepreneurship.
We must use creatively mind to work-smart.
We’re pursuing distinguished attitudes and will never stop to do better.

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