Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Introduction On PCB assembly Process

There are two process for manufacturer to do PCB assembly.
Below picture show control base plate(PCBA) exist everywhere in our house appliances.

Process of PCB assembly fabrication
(1) . Traditional DIP process
(2) . SMT process

Here first is the introduction of the process of DIP today.
1 . Traditional DIP process to PCB assembly means inserting the parts which with leg into the PTH hole of PCB.
2 . And then pass the PCB through tin soldering machine, to reach the purpose of soldering tin.                              

The structure of tin soldering machine

The structure of flux tank

The function of foamed pipe in flux tank
1. To air through the tiny holes on the foam tube body, causing numerous of air bubbles, with the number of air bubbles to cleave with flux, by metal accumulation, contact from the bottom of the base board and achieve the function of the flux coating, and then extra flux be strike off by air knife, and make flux distributed uniformly at the bottom of the base plate.

Method of flux coating
1. Bubble type flux coating
2. Wave type flux coating
3. Spray type flux coating

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