Thursday, November 7, 2013

Anti-pollution Measures On PCB Fabrication

Nowadays, the pollution from PCB fabrication has drawn great public attention. The environmental pollution of PCB fabrication is mainly in the forms of waste water, exhaust gas, waste residue and so on. In most of the European countries, they have strict policy to control the pollution from PCB fabrication. While in China the pollution becomes more and more serious due too many PCB manufacturers and the control is not enough. In the future, the PCB fabrication will gradually move towards clean production sustainable development.

Firstly, the government must establish relevant laws and regulations to guide and control enterprise behavior, so as to save resources and improve resource utilization and reuse rate. Secondly, the PCB corporations that are not equipped with waste water treatment facilities or equipped with unqualified facilities waste water treatment should not continue the PCB fabrication any longer, completely changing the situation of observing the low at high cost and breaking the law at low cost .

Secondly, the PCB fabricators in China should establish good sense of environmental protection. During the PCB production, should follow ISO9001 and ISO14001 standard. The waste water should be well controlled. As long as the relevant government departments and PCB related industries cling together and formulate measures and systems in line with the national condition of PCB industry development in China, the pollution caused by PCB fabrication will go down substantially, even to meet the clean production requirement for sustainable development. As a manufacturer,

As a Leading PCB fabricator in China, Wonderful PCB shared our responsibility to protect the environment. Always bear in mind that production should follow the industry standards.

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