Wednesday, November 6, 2013

 2013 Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong--Wonderful PCB(HK)Limited

Oct.12-15th,2013 Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong

Wonderful PCB is a professional manufacturer company of printed circuit board. Been in line time more than 16 years experience in PCB & PCBA. Founded in 1996, Founded in Hong Kong in 2002 Wonderful PCB (HK) Limited by the end of 2007 by total assets of nearly 100 million Yuan. Nearly 20,000 square meters, the workshop area more than 700 employees, 40,000 sq/design production capacity.

Wonderful PCB with versatile production technologies! Rigid Printed Circuit Board with single sided, 2 Layers PCB, 4 Layers PCB, 6 Layers PCB, 8 Layers PCB, 16 Layers PCB 20 Layers PCB. Flexible Printed Circuit Board with single layer, 2 layers, and 4 layers.

Wonderful PCB Assembly based product manufacturing a wide range of assemblies, from single PCB assemblies to PCBA integrated into box-build enclosures. We support high and low-mix PCB for volumes that range from a few to a few thousand.

Wonderful PCB with automated production and data networks -this is our forte. Specimen printed circuit board and mini-series in express service. Our overseas marketing office is located in Hong Kong mainly for overseas communications/contacts, engineering works handing orders and goods delivery/exports. Our company products widely used in communication medical, industrial control household appliances, etc; the products are mainly exported to Europe and America. Southeast Asia and Asia.

Wonderful PCB in our job engineering and production planning! Films, data carriers or remote data transfer -we can adjust flexibly to all your needs. Rapid, rational processing of your orders. This reduces delivery times so that you can have your printed circuit boards at an earlier date.

We supply PCB Prototype & Mass production with good price and high quality.              
All the PCB is reaching IPC II Standard.                                        

In as much as Wonderful PCB has no control over the use to which others may put the material, each user of the material is not released of making his own tests to determine the material’s suitability for his own particular use. Statements concerning possible or suggested uses of the materials described herein are not be construed as constituting a license under any Wonderful PCB patent application covering such use or as recommendations for use of such materials in the infringement of any patent.

Lamination assist had Kraft press pad, silicon rubber press pad, Teflon release film, pressure revealing films. With the description of provide uniform cushioning and precise control over heat rise and long life (up to 150 uses) and faster lay-up. Put talcum powder before use.

Our pressure revealing film is a unique analytical tool. Provides a quick, easy and accurate in-house procedure for checking for “high” and “low” pressure zones due to press platen misalignments or the design configuration (pads, high density circuitry, ground planes, etc.) of the circuit board itself.

Welcome to our trading shows: 

Booth: 70206, CES  2014  Jan,8th-11th in Las Vegas, USA 

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