Monday, December 9, 2013

PCB Reverse Engineering

Wonderful PCB Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional PCB manufacturer and exporter located in Shenzhen, China. We provide PCB prototype, Rigid PCB, FPC, Rigid-flex PCB’s mass production. Also, we could support PCB reverse engineering from your PCB sample. More information, please check our website:

In the end of 20 century, the developing of technology was flourishing in Western countries and various advanced electronic products emerged. These electronic products were widely used. The developers mastered nearly all the technical programs and monopolized the field for such products. As a result, some enterprises raised the prices of their products maliciously so as to achieve greater profits. In order to break this monopoly, someone tried to copy such products with reversed research and analysis. Then the PCB reverse engineering emerged.

When the technology of PCB reverse engineering merged in the first stage, this technology is only confined to simple copying and cloning of the circuit board. However, nowadays, PCB reverse engineering also involved in the secondary development of products and new design/ new product development. When you reverse Engineer something, you should fully understand the design including impacts on timing, etc. There are designs out there with specifically designed center planes designed to impact data flow through the board. Some designs even have their own internal tuned coax etched into inner layers. For example, through the analyzing of product technical documents and comprehending of design ideas, structural features and technology, PCB reverse engineering can offer analysis of feasibility and competitive reference for the development of new products so as to help the R & D units to follow up the latest technology trends, adjust and improve the product design and produce the most competitive new products.

At present, the miniaturization of electronic products continues to drive printed circuit board manufacturing towards smaller and more densely packed boards with increased electronic capabilities. Advancements beyond the boards described here include three-dimensional molded plastic boards and the increased use of integrated circuit chips. These and other advancements will keep the manufacture of printed circuit boards a dynamic field for many years.

Although most of the PCB companies specializing in PCB reverse engineering focus on the pursuit of profit in the market, the few have begun to establish a position at a higher level and become the leaders in this field which suggest the high potential of PCB reverse engineering. It improves the technical capability of China enterprises and completely breaks the technical barriers. Wonderful PCB will try to put much more effort into the R&D of PCB reverse engineering and offer better PCB products.

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