Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fiducial Marks Of Printed Circuit Board

Fiducial marks are required for the automated placement of all SMT components. They are used as reference points by Auto placement machines to establish XY co-ordinates for accurate component placement.

1)There must be 2 fiducals placed diagonally opposite each other (on two diagonal corners of the PCB boards if possible) See Figure 5 below.

2) Fiducials should be created as a part in the component library, it will then appear in the pick and place data with a reference and XY co-ordinates.

3)Must be round and with a diameter of 1.5mm. A clear area of 2mm around each fiducial is required. See FIGURE 6 below.

Panelization requirement:

Optimum panel size (preferred): 150mm x 250mm including break off areas.

Maximum panel size: 250mm x 320mm including break off areas.

We can accommodate this size as a special case but quality problems due to this size may affect final yield.

PCB Number:
PCB must have a particular part number which must include the following:

1) Customers PCB number.
2) Version number. First version will show as V1 for example. (See below)

The above constraints should be met by the PCB design Engineer before Gerber, CAD and Pick and Place data is issued.

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