Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Common Problems And Treatment To PCB Board Drilling Process - A

  As we know, there’re many steps for PCB board fabrication. During the process, drilling is one of the most important process, many problems may happen during the process. Here I make introduction on the main problems and relative treatment.
1、drilling bit broken
Root cause includes:Excessive spindle deflection; wrong operation taken by operator during drilling; Not appropriate choosing to drilling bit;insufficient rotate speed to drill bit;Laminated layer too much;Debris between plate and plate or under plate;the depth of the drilling spindle too deep cause poor chip removal; Amounts of drill tip grinding and super life use; Cover scratches crease, plate bending uneven; Fixed base board tape too wide or flat aluminum, plank is too small; Feeding speed is too fast compression; Improper operation during hole filling; Under the cover plate aluminium serious plugging ash; Welding the center of the drill tip pointed and drill tip handle deviation in the center.
  (1) Notice the part to repair the spindle, ore change for better spindle
  (2) A、Check whether there is stress beriberi pipeline jam
  B、Adjust the pressure of the foot according to the situation of the drill bit, check the pressure data of the foot when pressing, the normal is 7.5 kg;
  C、Check the spindle speed variation and whether there is copper wire inside the clamp mouth uniformity which may impact speed
  D、Check the spindle speed variation and the stability of the main shaft.
  E、Carefully adjust the pressure between the feet and bit, drill tip pointed not show presser foot, allowing only the tops of drill within the presser foot 3.0 mm
  F、Test the parallel degree of mesa drilling and stability
(3) check the geometry shape of drill bit, wear and use chip back slot length appropriate drilling bit.
(4) select the appropriate amount of feed, reduce feed rate.
(5) reduce to the appropriate number of laminated.  
(6) when the upper plate clean surfaces and under the cover of sundry, keep the surface clean.
(7) adjustment notification machine spindle drilling depth, maintain good drilling depth. (normal to control the depth of the hole in the 0.6 mm shall prevail.)
(8) number control grinding (wi) or in accordance with the parameters in the table Settings.
(9) choose suitable surface hardness, flat cover and plate.
(10) carefully check the status of tape fixed and width, replace the cover plate aluminium sheet, check the size.
(11) decrease the feed rate.
(12) operation should pay attention to the correct hole location.
(13) A, check the height of presser foot and presser foot exhaust slot is normal;

In next comment. Will introduce other problem which may usually happen during drilling.

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