Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stencil for Quick Turn PCB Board Prototype

Wonderful PCB®, the leading printed circuit boards (PCB) prototype manufacturer, has enhanced their services by offering SMT stencils when placing an order within their quick turn and high quality product lines. Stencils join a growing suite of PCB solutions that includes Bundled Assembly, PCB Design Software and Free DFM. With the new stencils addition, Wonderful PCB is continuing to distinguish themselves as a comprehensive PCB manufacturer and provider from other providers in the marketplace.

Stencils are used for even deposition of solder paste onto a bare circuit board. Using the stencil, you deposit solder paste (a mix of microscopic solder balls and flux) onto all of your pads with one swipe of a squeegee. When paste the solder, need to spread ample amount of solder paste across the entire upper length of the stencil. The angle of your squeegee is important when swiping solder paste over your laser cut stencil. Next, place all of your components on your board. When placing your components, it is usually helpful to give a very slight tap onto the freshly solder pasted pads to help hold them in place before heating in toaster oven. You do not even have to get it perfect, as the surface tension of the molten solder will pull your components into alignment (if you designed your footprints correctly!). Next, heat the board until the solder paste melts (reflows) using a heat gun, a toaster, or an oven. Since you never directly contact a component with a hot soldering iron tip, there is less chance of damage to the component.

With the new availability of stencils, Wonderful PCB will experience numerous benefits. All stencils feature the following:
Permanent, non-removable, and non-fading fiducials
Exclusive performance enhancing stencil design modifications, tailored specifically for each customer
Time Savings (eliminates scheduling and documentation downtime
100% laser cut, ensuring the finest quality finish
All fixed frame stencils are double bonded to withstand extreme wear
Plates available with safety features to protect against sharp plate edges

By using the new addition of the stencils product line, Wonderful PCB has greater confidence in the high quality SMT PCBA production! More and more customers are satisfied with Wonderful PCB SMT production line. Of course, your order for PCBA board is always welcomed in Wonderful PCB.

Here we provide some FAQ for your learning:
Q: Why would I need a PCB stencil?
A: The PCB stencil thickness is determined by the smallest component land pattern. Stencils replace hand soldering of surface mount devices, and the inconsistencies created by hand soldering.

Q: What are home base apertures and why would I need them?
A: Home base apertures are used to control solder balling and tomb-stoning of chip components.

Q: What are Trapezoidal Apertures and why would I need them?
A: Trapezoidal Apertures are created by distorting the beam on the laser, creating a draft in the aperture wall. Trapezoidal Apertures are effective if you plan on a long dwell time between printing of solder paste and placement of components. The taper in the aperture wall causes the paste to sit on top of itself, rather than sliding out the sides.

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